Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kujira Saver 1.4

Screensaver swim through the air group of 30 whales. When you start a 3D white slowly migrating blue whales flock of space appears. And while the camera captured the central figure of a whale, moving at random direction. Space in the Greek temple-like columns are floated, the whales swim away from the pillar. The sequence around the space of 12 type analog clock laurels, continues to display the current time. Screensaver setting screen 10 - or changing the number of whales between the head 50 can specify the speed. Screen "deep" Never up the sea breeze and the view mode and the sunlight, MIDI files can sound as BGM. “New York”“London” Also watch the "World Clock" If you change, "New York" and "London" and the current time in 12 world cities, but each can be displayed on the clock 12.


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